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  1. Hi,

    First of all, thank you for this wonderful tool. I’ve made a wonderful tool with it, that I would like to make available to users on an Ipad. I was wondering if there is any work being done, or progress to report on making opensolver work with the free version excel for Ipad?

    Thanks and best regards

    1. Thanks for the good feedback. No plans to support Excel on the IPad, but we’d welcome someone joining us to add such support to OpenSolver in the future. Andrew

  2. Im getting this error when using Bonmir

    OpenSolver 2.8.5 encountered an error:
    Out of stack space

    An error log with more details has been saved, which you can see by clicking ‘More Details’. If you continue to have trouble, please use the ‘Report Issue’ button or visit the OpenSolver website for assistance:

    any hints to solve this?


    1. It is probably a very large summation, eg sum(A1:A9999). You could split this into several smaller sum’s. Other than that, the only option is to wait for us to re-write the formula parser, which is on the radar but is a big job. Sorry not to have a better response at this stage. Andrew

  3. Hello. I´m working in a big company and we are starting to use google spreadsheets. I want to know if the addon in google is free to use in companies or there is a fee in this case.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. You are most welcome to use OpenSolver for Google Sheets; there is no restriction or cost for company usage. We hope you find OpenSolver useful. Andrew

  4. Hello, im currently working at an optimisation solution, but i’ve encountered some problems, when there isn’t a feasible solution, the solver breaks some constraints. For me to be usefull it needs to break one of them specifically, in older versions of my excel it worked like i would like to, but in this new version im working with, it doesn’t (apparently nothing has changed relative to the model of the solver), can I manipulate the solver in any way to obtain the results just like I want them to have when there isn’t a feasible solution?

    1. If your model is infeasible, then you can’t have any expectation on what solution it will terminate with (if any). For your use case, it sounds like you could remove the objective and replace it with the amount of violation for the constraint you are willing to break. Minimizing this will give the “most feasible” solution, subject to only being able to break the constraint you have identified

      1. But in previous versions of my Excel file, I could get the results that I want to get, being the model still infeasible, I think I made it by swapping the order of some constraints, and adding redundant ones, but im not being able to reproduce the same type of results. Its like i would like to choose which constraints the solver should break when finds an infeasible model.

  5. Hi, I have just started using the Googlesheet Addon. Just wondering if it is possible to set up the data and model in Googlesheet and run the model from other environment, such as R? Thank you

    1. I don’t think there is a simple way to do this, but I think it is technically possible if you deployed your Google Sheet as a webapp and included the OpenSolver code in the webapp, which would then be able to communicate with R. This page has the information about the webapp part of things, but I can’t be of any more help beyond this as I don’t have any experience with this sorry.

  6. Thank you for making Open Solver available for public use! We used it to optimize our clinical schedules at Central Michigan College of Medicine. We’re presenting our new method at the AAMC conference on November 11th. We’ll be sure to site your website and paper. Hopefully, we can generate more interest in using optimization for a variety of problems.

    1. I am pleased it has been useful. Most of the credit should go to Coin-OR for developing the solvers. We just wrap them up to make them easy to use. Andrew

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing OpenSolver, first.
    I am using Excel 2016 in Windows. And OpenSolver has suddenly started not working. I tried to upgrade it to the latest version but no way. It opens the model, but I got no reaction when i want to click on constraints. What might be the problem? What should I do? If it is a problem from your side, it would be super great if it is resolved as soon as possible.

    1. This problem has been triggered by a bug in the October update to Excel 2016 from Microsoft. We will be releasing an update soon that avoids this bug, but in the meantime you can access the constraint information by using the Tab key to move around the Model form.

  8. Dear sirs,
    When running automodel in version 2.8.4 I get the error message that an issue arose while finding constraints, error nr 91. “Object variable or with block variable not set at line 12”. I could probably repair it myself if I knew in which module.. which wouldn’t help other users.
    Besides that, when I’m closing Excel there’s another error message abt run-time error 1004 Programmatic access to VBP is not trusted. I traced the error to class module “CodeExporter”, Public Sub “Export to” which you probably already would have guessed.
    Btw I’m working in Excel 2007.
    Regards, Petra

    1. Thanks for your report… sorry it is giving an error. Can you please send us your spreadsheet and also a copy of the text (via copy paste) in the About OpenSolver window. Please send to email hidden; JavaScript is required Thanks. Andrew

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