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  1. Your latest version of OpenSolver2.90_AdvancedWin is triggering my virus detection software as having a Trojan.GenericKD in it. Can you scan this on your end and make sure the distributable is not infected with malicious code.

    Version 2.8.6 seems to be clean.

    1. We get this a lot. You can upload OpenSolver to, and will see that most of the virus checkers report the code as fine. The issue is with your virus checker, not with OpenSolver. Hope this helps. Andrew

  2. Hi team OpenSolver! I’m trying to automate the OpenSolver process through VBA & create a separate sheet which contains the Sensitivity Analysis to get shadow prices, but I haven’t quite figured out how/where to incorporate GetDuals. Currently running OpenSolver smoothly using Application.Run
    Thanks so much for creating this wonderful tool!

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