4 thoughts on “OpenSolver 2.5.4 alpha (3 Jul 2014)”

  1. Hi there! it is nice to see that the NOMAD solver is added!

    first issue I encountered is that when setting the solver precision for the NOMAD solver to 0.1 (0.01 and smaller works fine), it gives an error:

    Opensolver encountered error -2147220492
    There was an error while Nomad was solving. No solution has been loaded into the sheet. (at line 48380) (at line 29070) Source = OptenSolver Nomad Model Solving

    1. Thanks for trying NOMAD and giving us that feedback; we have added this problem to our list of issues. Please send us any more problems you find. Andrew

  2. I installed the last version of open solver, I am running excel 2007 on windows server 2008 SP1. When I run the solver I got a compile error: “Can’t find project or library” (line 9360). What can i do?

    1. Thanks for the trying our beta code and giving us your error report. This typically suggests a missing DLL (i.e. a missing a code library file). OpenSolver relies on having RefEdit available, and several other libraries, which should all be standard with Excel. To help check these are available, please open the OpenSolver file in the usual way to add OpenSolver to Excel. Then, open the VBA editor using ALT-F11, then in the Project pane, select “OpenSolver (OpenSolver.xlam)”. Next, choose Tools… References…, and see if any items are marked as MISSING. If so, you may need to repair your Excel installation to re-install these, or perhaps Windows Server does not provide some of the DLL’s we rely on? Please let me know what you learn. Andrew

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