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  1. Hi!

    The installation directions for opensolver on windows 10 excel 2010 are missing a lot of steps. For example when you copy the files to the addins folder, should you copy the folder created by the unzip program, or the individual files. Once you’ve copied the files it would be helpful to have instructions as to how to install opensolver permanently (i.e. by going to files, options, . . .) Please make it step by step.


    Phil Troy

    1. Phil, We’d welcome user input to make this process easier to follow. If you had the time to write something up, we’d love to add it to our instructions. By the way, you do not need to install OpenSolver but can just run it from your documents or temp folder. Installation so that Excel always shows OpenSolver is optional, and is one click away using the About OpenSolver box (without copying any files; it will continue to run from its current location). Hope this helps, Andrew. PS: Please never copy just the files; the OpenSolver folders and files need to stay together.

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