OpenSolver for Google Sheets working for new users

Hello everyone,

We have implemented a fix so that OpenSolver for Google Sheets should now be accessible and working again.

It seems that some of the comments in our code were causing an OAuth scope /auth/script.scriptapps – which we do not need or use – to be detected. These comments have now been removed, so we expect error messages like “Sign-in with Google temporarily disabled for this app” to stop appearing.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could test that it now works. Please comment below if OpenSolver for Google Sheets works for you, or if you encounter any issues, or if you have any other questions.

4 thoughts on “OpenSolver for Google Sheets working for new users”

  1. Hola a todos.
    Yo ando con la misma inquietud, de poner en un Script al solucionador de OpenSolve.
    Si alguien ya lo tiene… y lo puede compartir.
    Nos vendrĂ­a muy bien.

    Desde ya muchas gracias.

  2. Respected Sir,
    Thank you for providing such an amazing tool for public use.

    1. As a frequent user of OpenSolver & VBA, I wanted to know whether we can code to call the OpenSolver in Google Apps Script, just like we can do in VBA? If not whether the OpenSolver team working on this aspect?

    2. Will OpenSolver have the Non-Linear Solvers available in Google SpreadSheets too in future?

    Kindly waiting for your reply.


    1. Thanks for your question. There is no published Apps Script interface for OpenSolver on Google Sheets, but you can hack anything in a script! And, no, we will not be adding non-linear solvers to OpenSolver on Google Sheets (but would welcome a volunteer to do so…) Andrew

      1. I would LOVE to know how to have an apps script run my stored solver. It takes about 5 mins each time, and I like to iterate it multiple times a day. If it could auto-kickoff that would be immensely helpful. Any tips would be appreciated!

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