OpenSolver for Google Sheets 2.3.1

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce a new release of OpenSolver for Google Sheets. This fixes bugs in the GLPK solver and NEOS-Cbc solver options which made them unavailable. These engines should now be working and available.

Errors which stopped the GLPK solver from running were related to local variables in scriptlets not being defined before Html template objects ‘glpkWorkerJs’ and ‘glpkRunnerJs’ were evaluated and ran these scriptlets. Errors such as “ReferenceError: gmplModel not defined” should now go away since local copies of these variables are initialised inside these scriptlets.

As of January 8, 2021, NEOS requires that an email address be submitted with every job. The NEOS-Cbc bug was related to this – originally we did not include a user email address in the xml file sent to the NEOS server.

Since NEOS now requires that each job contain an email address, we include the user’s email address in the xml file. This email address is only sent to NEOS when the model is being solved and only if the user selects NEOS-Cbc as the solver engine.

We have updated our privacy policy and information about OpenSolver for Google Sheets to reflect these changes.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please comment below if it works ok, or if you encounter issues, or if you have any questions regarding the new release. Thanks!

OpenSolver for Google Sheets working for new users

Hello everyone,

We have implemented a fix so that OpenSolver for Google Sheets should now be accessible and working again.

It seems that some of the comments in our code were causing an OAuth scope /auth/script.scriptapps – which we do not need or use – to be detected. These comments have now been removed, so we expect error messages like “Sign-in with Google temporarily disabled for this app” to stop appearing.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could test that it now works. Please comment below if OpenSolver for Google Sheets works for you, or if you encounter any issues, or if you have any other questions.

OpenSolver for Google Sheets currently down for new users

12 Feb 2020: It was raised to us that OpenSolver for GoogleSheets is still unaccessible to new users. We are now able to replicate this bug. From our tests, new user accounts are able to install OpenSolver for Google Sheets as an Add-on from Chrome Web Store. However, the “Sign in with Google is temporarily disabled for this app” screen will still show up when trying to open the sidebar from the ribbon. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we have contacted Google regarding this issue. We need to wait for Google’s response on this, therefore we are unsure of when this problem will be fixed.

10 Feb 2020: This is no longer the case! OpenSolver for Google Sheets is now back online for new user installations. The “app isn’t verified” screen will no longer show up for new installations. We have also updated our privacy policy to align with Google’s requirements. For more information on the usage of Google OAuth scopes please visit our OpenSolver for Google Sheets page and our Privacy Policy page.

Original post: Changes made by Google mean that OpenSolver for Googlesheets is currently not working for new users who want to add it to their Googlesheets. (Apparently the first 100 users each month can sign in, but then further sign ins are blocked by Google.) We are working on fixing this, But we don’t know how long it will take, sorry. We suggest you use OpenSolver for Excel until we get it working properly for Googlesheets.

Sorry for the inconvenience.