ToDo – Formula Parsing

We could build models much more quickly if we could directly parse formulae.

A good start on fomulae parsing in VBA has been made by Rob Vangelder with his AudXL add-in for breaking formulae into their component parts (but see below for an updated version).

On 12 Jan 2010, Rob wrote: “You can use AudXL however you wish. I’m ok with the licensing, and I do appreciate the thought with regard to acknowledgement.  AudXL was written about 5 years ago. About a year ago I re-wrote the engine. You’ll probably want to use that instead.” Rob’s new add-in has been updated here.

The project includes Java code for reading and writing Excel spreadsheets. This includes setting a formula in a cell, which requires parsing the formula and storing it using easy-to-evaluate token. The format for these spreadasheets is documented by OpenOffice at

Other resources (from include:



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