OpenSolver 2.9.4 Beta Release

Hello everyone,

We’ve released OpenSolver 2.9.4 for beta testing! You can download this new version of OpenSolver from:

Below are the release notes that cover the changes made in this new version of OpenSolver:

V2.9.4 – 2021-01-15

  • Extended support for special characters in sheet names
  • Removed support for Satalia Solver Engine since Satalia no longer offers an online service
  • Added fix for NEOS email validation
  • Added support for value-seeking models with no constraints

V2.9.3 – 2020-03-01

  • Added support for using Gurobi 9.0
  • Added a temp fix for running consecutive operations on Excel64bit

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please comment below if it works ok, or if you encounter issues, or if you have any questions regarding the new release. Thanks!

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