OpenSolver for Google Sheets currently down for new users

12 Feb 2020: It was raised to us that OpenSolver for GoogleSheets is still unaccessible to new users. We are now able to replicate this bug. From our tests, new user accounts are able to install OpenSolver for Google Sheets as an Add-on from Chrome Web Store. However, the “Sign in with Google is temporarily disabled for this app” screen will still show up when trying to open the sidebar from the ribbon. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we have contacted Google regarding this issue. We need to wait for Google’s response on this, therefore we are unsure of when this problem will be fixed.

10 Feb 2020: This is no longer the case! OpenSolver for Google Sheets is now back online for new user installations. The “app isn’t verified” screen will no longer show up for new installations. We have also updated our privacy policy to align with Google’s requirements. For more information on the usage of Google OAuth scopes please visit our OpenSolver for Google Sheets page and our Privacy Policy page.

Original post: Changes made by Google mean that OpenSolver for Googlesheets is currently not working for new users who want to add it to their Googlesheets. (Apparently the first 100 users each month can sign in, but then further sign ins are blocked by Google.) We are working on fixing this, But we don’t know how long it will take, sorry. We suggest you use OpenSolver for Excel until we get it working properly for Googlesheets.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



11 thoughts on “OpenSolver for Google Sheets currently down for new users”

  1. Hi all, I appreciate a lot you add-on … thanks !!!
    I found for the same excel file and same data that in Google sheet it took many hours and in excel local file it took some minutes. Is there something wrong or some change that I can do to speed up Google sheet Solver?

    1. Sorry, no progress on this. It is stalled now until we get a student over this Christmas period to look at the issue. Or perhaps there is a volunteer out there willing to help…. we could really do with some assistance from the OpenSolver community on this one. Andrew

    1. We are still persevering, but it is proving much harder to get through the Google hoops than we expected, sorry. There seems to be some legacy issues that don’t work well with the new Google system. Andrew

      1. Any updates? Would LOVE to get back in here! Alternatively, does anyone have a google account that has this permission grandfathered in that would let me borrow their account to run a model? Thx!

        1. Google is still describing our code as calling functions that the own tools say we do not use; we are not sure why. Juggling this with lots of Covid 19 challenges, so it is going slowly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Andrew

  2. As of 10:48am CST, I’m still receiving a Sign-in Error.

    “Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app

    This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.”

    I have tried uninstalling the add-on and reinstalling it with no luck.

    1. Google tells us that the app is now approved, and it works for us in our testing with a Google logon that has never used OpenSolver before. We don’t have any experience in what should happen next sorry, so cannot give any guided advice. You could try creating another Google account as a test, and if that works, perhaps then ask Google why it does not work on your account. Andrew

  3. Hello,
    first of all thanks for Opensolver (i’m loving it!) – while developing an assignement model, i came across the need for using AddConstraint API: if calling it as Application.Run(….) Excel says the macro doesn’t exist/it’s not available…but if i go into the API VBA module, copy AddConstraint and rename it as for example AddConstraintFC, the new one works flawlessly! No big issue (i just need to save Opensolver.xlam, though i did not understand well the messages about exporting, tidying up etc and i would like to keep “clean” the xlam file), just sharing as maybe it may be interesting for other ppl and/or easy to fix. thanks again& ciao, Francesco

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