Scenario Explorer

The OpenSolver system is being extended to include a new Scenario Explorer that allows users to easily explore how changes to one or more cell values impact a spreadsheet calculation and/or the results of an OpenSolver model. Specifically, if the value in some cell can be one of a set of possible values, then the Scenario Explorer will let the user specify a range of possible values in that cell (eg 1 5 15), and will then re-calculate the spreadsheet (and solve an OpenSolver model, if required) for each of these values. The Scenario Explorer can handle multiple cells being changed together (eg (A1,A2) = (1,2), (4,7), (5,7)), as well as take all combinations of ranges for several cells (eg all 3*4=12 combinations formed by A1=1, 2, 3; A2=5, 6, 7, 8).

This is very much work in progress; the current version of the Scenario Explorer is a beta release.  All feedback is welcome.