Uncertainty Explorer

The OpenSolver system is being extended to include a new Uncertainty Explorer that allows users to easily explore the consequences of uncertainty on their spreadsheet models. Specifically, if the value in some cell is uncertainty, then the Uncertainty Explorer will let the user specify a distribution for the possible values in that cell, and will then re-calculate the spreadsheet lots of times using values from this distribution. Results are collected, and can be plotted or analysed by the user.

This code uses the excellent Yasai plug-in, but adds a user interface to help the user build their model. For more details on Yasai, please see:

ECKSTEIN & RIEDMUELL, YASAI: Yet Another Add-in for Teaching Elementary Monte Carlo Simulation, INFORMS Transcations on Education, 2:2 (12-26), http://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/pdf/10.1287/ited.2.2.12

This is very much work in progress; the current version of the Uncertainty Explorer is a beta release.  All feedback is welcome.

PS: The Uncertainty Explorer is not, yet, integrated with OpenSolver, and assumes the user has built a spreadsheet that does not use OpenSolver.