OpenSolver 0.98 beta (Jul 16, 2010)

OpenSolver has been upgraded to version 0.98 (still beta). This version includes bug fixes associated with quick solves (one GUI related, one that fixes the handling of multi-area ranges, and checks that the user is on the same sheet and workbook as that used to initialise the quick solve), and also improvements so that OpenSolver dynamically resizes its arrays to handle large problems (assuming everything fits in memory). All feedback appreciated… Andrew

Blogged by Mike Trick

Mike Trick, who visited New Zealand a few years ago, has blogged about OpenSolver. This has generated an interesting discussion about the GPL license, and whether this will limit what people want to do with OpenSolver. I’ve been having similar discussions with Ted Ralphs, the CBC maintainer, and Stu Mitchell of PULP fame. If anyone wants OpenSolver to be available under another license, then please let me know.

As well as all the contributions Mike made to OR in New Zealand during his stay, I also have to thank him for his Travelling Umpire Problem (TUP) which kept my Heuristics class very busy.

I hadn’t come across Larry’s IEOR Tools site before following the link on his OpenSolver comment. He too has written about OpenSolver. He’s created an interesting site with a good open source emphasis that I’ll be visiting more often.