Moving to a new licence

OpenSolver is moving from the GPL to the Common Public License (CPL), the license favoured by the COIN-OR community. We’ll be releasing a new version shortly (with a few minor improvements) under this license.

6 thoughts on “Moving to a new licence”

  1. One more comment, does opensolver work without other CBC solver, Gurobi on its own, or we have to enable others to work with an example? Thanks

  2. I would like to know what is the latest license for this opensolver. Is there a link to the license like github listed on this site. Thanks

    1. OpenSolver is released under the GPL. This simply reflects the fact that if it is redistributed, then a copy of the source code will be included anyway (because that is how VBA works), and this code cannot be password protected.

  3. We have no immediate plans for this. It is a big change to add the Solver-style reports. We may do this in the future if there is a lot of demand for it. I suggest you add slacks and surpluses in your model explicitly. Hope this helps. Andrew

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