Mike Trick recently blogged about OpenSolver winning the COIN-OR 2011 Cup, and commented that OpenSolver was now available under the CPL. This was what we had on our web site as something we were doing, but I must confess the change from the GPL has not yet happened. At the moment, the GPL seems to meet everyone’s needs that we are aware of. However, to ensure this matter is clear, we hereby specifically give approval for OpenSolver to be distributed in its unaltered state as part of a larger piece of software, which is effectively saying that we do not consider calling OpenSolver routines from a third party add-in or VBA module in Excel to be linking in the sense of OpenSolver being a “subroutine library”. As long as OpenSolver continues to be a standalone Excel add-in, we are happy for it to be included and used in other applications.

Thanks Mike for your positive comments.

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  1. Dear Prof,
    I bought 2 of your books from and I am so disappointed with the service. I am writing to you because I bought 2 books written by yourself and hoping to get the solver- software togather with the book. I bought the book from Amazon 2 times and still no CD. Please help. I need the software to do my project.
    I bought Quantitative models…..Hoe Zhu- Springer and DEA modeling operational…..Wade D cook and Joe Zhu.

    Prof please help

    Dr Devinaga Rasiah

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