OpenSolver 1.7 (11 November 2011)

OpenSolver 1.7 has been released. (OpenSolver 1.6 was an internal release only.) Changes include:

Version 1.7 beta
Added controls in the About box to allow easy installation and uninstallation
Added code to interact nicely with the forthcoming OpenSolver Studio
Improved OpenSolver for use from VBA:
– Build and Solve operations now throw errors (instead of popping up dialogs), allowing dialog-free usage from VBA
– Return codes are better handled (and Solver compatible)
– A new optional parameter has been added to RunOpenSolver to avoid dialogs even if infeasible/unbounded solutions are generated

Version 1.6 beta
Fixed display and editting of an objective target value in the Model dialog.
Modified the Open Last Model in CBC functionality so that it passes any Solver options and any CBC solve parameters to CBC if they are available in any current worksheet
Fixed a minor issue in Model dialog where a RHS could be entered for a new constraint if the user had previously had a Bin or Int constraint selected
Fixed a redim bug in the quick non-linearity checker for models with no constraints (which can happen if there is only a target objective value)
Added “Show optimisation progress while solving”  (being Solver’s “Show Iteration Results”) to the OpenSolver options dialog
Improved operation of Options dialog, including proper sycnronisation of values when opened from the Model dialog
Better handling of the Excel 2010 “Simplex engine” option as used in parallel with “Assume linear model”
Fixed an error in the full non-linearity checker
Added output of dual prices onto the sheet; this is set using the Model dialog
Rearranged Model dialog to better fit new Duals option, and better use space around constraint listing
Better handling of the Excel solver options – OpenSolver now sets all these to sensible defaults
Better handling of users entering formulae in the Model dialog for a constraint RHS in terms of non-English localisation issues, but this still needs work
Fixed a size limitation in Quick Solve, and converted Quick Solve to sparse matrix handling for better memory usage.

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