OpenSolver 2.1 (6 Sept 2012)

OpenSolver 2.1 is now released, and has a number of fixes and improvements. These include a newer version of the optimiser CBC, a bug fix for handling multiple cell blocks as decision cells on non-English systems, more robust non-linearity checking, and the ability to turn off this non-linearity checking if you know your model is linear. We now also display ≥ instead of > in our on-sheet constraints. All feedback is welcome.

6 thoughts on “OpenSolver 2.1 (6 Sept 2012)”

  1. I define the variables-range as Sheet1!$H$3:$R$14, Sheet2!$H$3:$R$14 and I get an error when saving the model. I look at the code, and in the variable s I have
    =Sheet1!$H$3:$R$14, Sheet2!$H$3:$R$14
    Notice the extraneous “=” sign at the begining, that apparently causes the error!
    How do I correct this?

  2. Hello. I keep running into a bug with this version. Whenever I try to click on somethign in the main form, it goes into the debug mode to procedure OpenSolver_ModelClick”, line 19800.
    The command is “frmModel.Show”

    Do I need to add in another reference to avoid this error?

    1. This is almost certainly a problem with the RefEdit control. Please check the references using the VBA editor (Tools…. References…) to see if any are missing. If you see “Missing: Ref Edit Control”, then please try unchecking that item. You can also try repairing your Excel installation; for me this is under “Excel Options” “Resources” “run Microsoft Office Diagnostics”. Please let me know if this work. Andrew

    1. We hope to look at it this Christmas; thanks for the reminder. Andrew. PS: You can view the duals in the current version, but no range information.

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