OpenSolver 2.5.1 alpha (25 Jun 2014)

Today we are releasing OpenSolver 2.5.1 alpha, which builds on the 2.5 alpha release from last week.

The main addition in this release is the option to use the non-linear solvers Couenne and Bonmin through the cloud-based NEOS servers.

We have also included a 64-bit version of CBC that is used automatically on 64-bit systems.

There are also stability fixes for the non-linear NOMAD solver that was included in the 2.5 release, and other bug fixes.

You can download it here. Like 2.5, this is an experimental alpha release, and we are looking for feedback on the new features, as well as any problems you might run into while using them.

2 thoughts on “OpenSolver 2.5.1 alpha (25 Jun 2014)”

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, and for pointing out the NOMAD issue with Excel 2013 (which we have confirmed and are currently following up). We were aware of issues in 64 bit Office, but not 32 bit Excel 2013, so thanks for alerting us to these. And, I am sure this is not “the only problem”, so please keep sending in your reports (good and bad). Thanks, Andrew

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