OpenSolver for Google Sheets v2.1.0 (15 April 2016)

Today we are releasing version 2.1.0 of OpenSolver for Google Sheets! This is a minor update that brings the following changes:

  • We have added support for the GLPK solver. You can now solve problems in your browser using the open-source GLPK solver, via glpk.js by Henri Gourvest. This solver runs in the browser on your computer rather than on a cloud server, so is typically much faster than the alternatives and we heavily recommend choosing it in place of Cbc via NEOS. Please let us know if you find this useful!
  • The linearity check now occurs before solving, in order to catch non-linearities before spending time solving the model. We recently changed the linearity check in OpenSolver for Excel to be much more robust and better at detecting non-linearity, and we are pleased to roll these changes out to Google Sheets as well.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed bug where dialogs could time out before they finished loading.
    • Fixed sheet-scoping issue when storing constraints in multi-sheet models.

There is more information about the Google Sheets addon here on the dedicated page.

If you already use the addon, the update will automatically roll out. If you haven’t used it before, you can try it out here:

Update on Google’s Linear Solver

Google’s LinearOptimizationService has been fixed as of earlier today, so the Google Linear Solver should be working again. We are happy to now offer two additional solvers in case this happens again. It took over two weeks for Google to fix this bug, which is very frustrating for all of us, and hopefully is a problem we will be able to avoid in future!

Feedback and Issues

OpenSolver for Google Sheets is younger and less mature than the Excel version, so does not yet have the full range of features as in the Excel version. There are also a lot of possibilities that are created by the online aspect of Google Sheets (such as sharing sheets and multiple users on a sheet at once). This means there are many new features to consider and add to the addon as it evolves over time.

If you have any feature requests or experience any problems while using it, please let us know either here or by using the “Report an Issue” button inside Google Sheets (you can find this in “Add-ons > OpenSolver > Help”). If you use “Report an Issue”, please make sure that you include your contact details, otherwise there is no way for us to follow up!

We are always interested to hear how you are using OpenSolver, and in particular if you find the Google Sheets version useful (because we can”t count downloads, we have much less user information on the number of Google Sheets users). This allows us to balance the time we spend developing the Excel and Google Sheets versions according to user demand.

If you like the Google Sheets addon, please consider rating us in the store and/or leaving us a review, which will help other users find out about OpenSolver!

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