Seeking impact testimonials

OpenSolver would not be possible without the CBC solver developed by the COIN-OR group. Working with colleagues Bob Fourer, Kevin Furman, William Hart and Michael Trick, we are preparing to nominate the initiators and founders of COIN-OR for the 2014 INFORMS Impact Prize. Thus we are soliciting testimonials to the impact that COIN-OR projects, and OpenSolver in particular, have had on diverse research and business activities.

We invite you to send us a paragraph or two describing how OpenSolver software has made a significant difference to your work and accomplishments. Please send your description by June 25 to me at email hidden; JavaScript is required Also feel free to send me any questions about what’s needed.


2 thoughts on “Seeking impact testimonials”

  1. OpenSolver has been an extremely useful extension to the excel, from fairly stragthforward optimization issues to operational efficiency and finance problems or models.

    COIN-OR has been an instrumental in the development of many projects, I can not think of a more useful web site for optimization, or a better wayplace for democratizing operational reserach.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback. More comments are most welcome to support our nomination. Andrew

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