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    1. OpenSolver for Google Sheets is currently unavailable because of issues with changes made by Google that we are working through. Sorry about this, Andrew

  1. I tried every free solver and minimizer available free of cost.

    This is by far my favorite because it’s simple. Personally prefer this over SolverStudio because it can do what I want with minimum programming work on my side.

    My problem.
    -set constraints
    -minimizing one cell calculated in a spreadsheet
    -larger than 200 variables. (So standard solver couldn’t handle it.)

    This works. My suggestions follow
    -Nomad solver
    -On installation, it seems to work better with OpenSolver extracted into the MS Excel Addin’s folder. Specifically, if one clicks: file->options(at the bottom left)->Add-Ins-> Go (after manage in the middle with excel add-ins selected)-> browse (on analysis toolpak) -> it will take you to the addins folder. Copy OpenSolver to there.
    -when selecting constraints and variables sometimes it seems to mess up and write the same cells multiple times. Sheet1!$A$1:$C$8 is how it should look as shown in the examples. Where ‘Sheet1!” = sheet name. $A$1:$C$8 = rows and columns from A1 to C8.

    Very grateful for this OpenSolver. Well done Andrew Mason.

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