Great Maersk/OpenSolver presentation

I am on sabbatical at DTU in Denmark, and just enjoyed meeting Aleksandr from Maersk in Copenhagen who is doing some great work with OpenSolver (and perhaps SolverStudio in the future) to help make better decisions at one of the world’s largest shipping companies. Aleksandr presented some very sophisticated OpenSolver models, and is one of the few users I know of who uses the Quick Solve feature. (Any more of you out there?) Thanks, Aleksandr, for a great talk, and giving us some challenging models to think about as we plan for faster solve times in future releases. Andrew

2 thoughts on “Great Maersk/OpenSolver presentation”

  1. Andrew I would like to thank you once again for the great tool and also for the opportunity to join your seminar – it was exciting 🙂
    Believe we, OpenSolver and SolverStudio users, all look forward to learn more of the current features plus to support development of the new ones 🙂


    1. Aleksandr, hi!
      OpenSolver is a great tool, but SolverStudio is greater. 🙂
      I’m interested in the themes you’re working on. Maybe we could be helpful to each other.
      My e-mail is 79038873333#yandex ru.

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