4 thoughts on “OpenSolver 1.2 beta (8 March 2011)”

  1. Hi friends,
    i have errors for my Vista machine Office 2010. While office default solver can solve it using LP, not OpenSolver. Can you help?

    i downloaded 1.2 beta and unzipped it for my Office 2010 under my C:UsersNameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftAddInsOpenSolver. and OpenSolver could not run with error code 1004 – Application-defined or object-defined error, source-OpenSolver.
    any thought or idea to fix it.

    i appreciate it.

    1. it does run now after i simplify the model input. but interestingly:
      1. the results are different form the xls’own solver (LP). Seems like it has more than one optimal solution.
      2. Though OpenSolver gave me error message ” requires Asume Linear Model and Assume Non negative to be turned on”, it still gave me a solution (though not same as xls solver). I think it might be due to the pop up interface for xls 2010 did not pop up for me to check those boxes.
      thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.
      Great job.

    2. Jason, Would you be able to send us the model on which it crashes? That would be most helpful for us to debug OpenSolver. Thanks, Andrew

  2. Hi…

    I am not able to figure out why one of my models is giving erros in certain input ranges and working fine in another…. Would u let me know whom can i contact regarding the same. My email is email hidden; JavaScript is required


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