Paul Jensen – Rest In Peace

I was saddened to read in the INFORMS news that Paul Jensen passed away last week. I met Paul at the 2010 Informs conference where he gave a great talk about his set of OR and MS teaching add-ins for Excel. (See also these supplements.) We also corresponded about OpenSolver. You can read about Paul’s contributions at his University of Textas site; his obituary is available here. Just as PuLP has been picked up and supported by Stuart Mitchell after its creator passed away, I hope that someone will pick up the maintenance of Paul’s Excel tools; they are a great online legacy which deserve a life beyond that of their creator.

2 thoughts on “Paul Jensen – Rest In Peace”

  1. Hi Andrew, I was trying to take a look on Paul Jensen web page (, but is down since 9/9/2013 as the webhosting wasn’t paid. It will be a pity to loose its legacy! Do you have a copy of some text of its blog and the add-in? If not, I read you has presented SolverStudio in INFORMS this week. Do you have friends over there to try to upload the site again with the info they have?

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