OpenSolver 1.3 beta (7 July 2011)

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenSolver 1.3 beta!

Big features in this release are:

  • Excel 2003 menu support, thanks to Paul at Eclipse Engineering.¬†Eclipse Engineering provide high-end CFD and FEA analysis along with a host of highly specialized CAE-based automation and integration solutions.
  • Support for 64-bit Excel 2010 has been added.
  • Removed last dependence on the built-in Solver: you can now build a model in the OpenSolver Model window!
A screenshot of the new Model tool
The new Model tool in OpenSolver 1.3

Bug reports are very welcome.

OpenSolver 1.2 is now the official stable version of OpenSolver.

3 thoughts on “OpenSolver 1.3 beta (7 July 2011)”

  1. Hi Admin,

    I was curious to about how to retrieve values of Lower Bound on objective function of MILP in OpenSolver? (This is required in case solver is not able to solve the problem in given time limit)

  2. I’m using Excel 2003. I downloaded OpenSolver and opened OpenSolver.xlam. However, I received “compile error” message in OpenSolver Main(code) at “ribbonLoaded(ribbon As IRibbonUI)”.
    OpenSolver.xlam of OpenSolver 1.2beta version can be opened without error message but I couldn’t see OpenSolver in menu bar. I guess it is because OpenSolver 1.2beta is not supported for Excel 2003.
    Could you help me how to solve this problem?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Yama, Thanks for your feedback. We have a version that fixes this Excel 2003 problem, and will be releaed soon. Andrew

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