One thought on “OpenSolver 2.9.0”

  1. I download OpenSolver 2.9. I am running Office 365. An Excel model, which worked in the past, is no longer working. I made it very basic, 4 lines, to try to debug. Solver has no problem with it. The error message in Opensolver is it could not find an optimal integer solution and reported no feasible integer solution.

    I want it to change the multiplier from 0 to 1 to come up with a desired total. In this case the desired amount is 802. This is entered as it own field. In this case it is the sum of the last two records. The constraints are the multiplier has to be between 0 and 1 and must be an integer. The objective cell target value is zer0 (sum of total column less desired amount). Instead of a multiplier of 1 for the last two rows, I am getting a non-integer value with a total of exactly double the 802. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrect?

    Value Multiplier Total
    4444 .36063609 1604
    15151 0 0
    777 0 0
    25 0 0

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